Phat Trakka 2 - Swinger


The good news is that according to the INA catalogue, an INA SC1412 full complement needle roller assembly, including outer race will do the job.  bad news is that they are no longer listed, but Torrington (Timken) list that same sized bearing as a B1412.


They are 1.125 inch OD, 0.750" wide and the shaft diameter is 0.875" which is a couple of thou less than the sleeve diameter in a stock GT750 suspension.


Of course when I pressed them in I managed to slightly damage one and in trying to get that out I managed to damage its partner.


Of course the bearing spacer has to go in after one side is done, otherwise it cannot be fitted after the bearings are in place.

OK, so we now had a pair of 3/4" wide needle rollers in each side, but the swingarm needs thrust washers at the end, so the old plastic bushes were sawed off, leaving about 2 to 3mm of the old sleeve.  When they were pressed back into the ends of the swingarm we had thrusts.


Next, on were new steel thrust washers from along with new inner sleeves, O rings and re-plated end caps.


P1100004.JPG (620463 bytes)

The frame and swingarm came back from The Blast Shop in Kenosha, WI with a fresh coat of shiny powdercoat and I didn't want to scratch it - at least not yet. Rather than trying to slide the swingarm in and connect it to teh shocks at the same time, I made a sling out of tiedowns to support the back end of the swingarm while I tried to wriggle the axle into place.

P1100008.JPG (632486 bytes)

P1100007.JPG (641084 bytes)

Then it was time to fit those nice new shocks, and bolt up the vestigial chainguard, sculpted out of a stock GT750 chainguard.  There are many ways to do that and I chose to remove the front mounts on the swingarm and welded on a couple of new brackets, before it went for powdercoat.


I think it all looks quite smart.  Don't you?


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